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The Workers' War is for immancipation
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NoMoreTiers.org is a pro-union, pro-working class, website dedicated to the elimination of multi-tier, discriminatory wage policies based on any grounds (race, religion, age, sex, sexual-orientation, regular employee compliment numbers, core numbers), and all other forms of corporate voodoo aimed at the division of the working class. Our watchwords are; Equal pay (and benefits) for equal work.

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How can you thank a man for giving you what's already yours? How then can you thank him for giving you only part of what is yours. - Malcom X


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On Human Rights.
The Origin and Codification of Human Rights and the relationship to Equal Pay for Equal Work.

Letters to Canada's Minister of Labour.
Updated to include the Minister's replies.

The Sacred Right of the Privileged
The best weapon in their arsenal to breed disunity.

Israel, Gaza, Lebanon.
Israel kidnaps two civilians and war breaks out! Some comments on the current conflict.

Molson Sinks to New Depths of Two-tierism
The new Molson Vancouver contract in an historical perspective .

Direct Action Gets Satisfaction-iww.org

French Government Attempts to Impose Two-Tiers on Working Class
Over a million French citizens protesting.

Post-Mortem of a Strike
Some informed insights into the recent PPG strike.

Workers' Human Rights
More on the Molson position and some news about an interesting new Canadian website.

West Virginia PPG Strike
Worker's resolve to strike against two-tierism in West Virginia.

I Am Canadian!
Canada's heritage, Human Rights and Molson's Corporate policy.

Community Labor News (clnews.org

Human Rights for All
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is there for every one, get familiar with it.

Is the government, your boss, and your union in the same bed, screwing your right to equal pay?

Hydro One Professionals Resist Wage Discrimination
Some important insights into the Hydro One Strike.

CODEPINK Women for Peace

Making a Difference
Is the effort worth it? Does it really make any difference?

What do you mean "Discrimination"?
Is two-tierism an "innocuous" form of discrimination, acceptable under today's "economic reality".
Here's why its not!

Mayday in Korea 2005.
Korean workers demonstrate leadership.


Stuck in the Fifties.
Unequal and unorganized. What to do?

The Salesman.
A Profession with an Image Problem.

A Tale of Two Tiers.
Keep turning that treadmill.


Two Tiers: A Symptom of Social Decadence.
Prepaid funeral arrangements for the labor movement.

The Million Dollar Heist.
To a large corporation $1,000,000 is petty theft. So why do they do it?

The Rainbow's End.
Why do unions accept two-tier contracts?

Live Bait & Ammo

Two-Tiers a Major Concession.
Labor activist,organizer,author,union printer and professor, Harry Kelber talks about two-tierism.

Demand What is Yours.
Not just a Human Right, but a duty.


Not just an American problem (extract).
Malcolm X discusses human rights v civil rights.

Fanning the Flames.
We can twiddle our thumbs, or we can fight back. What will you do?


What Can We Do?
When Union leaders abandon fundamental Union principles, what can the rank and file do?

The Labatt Blues
Same disease, different brewery.


The Molson (Vancouver, B.C.) Pension Plan.
Is it Fair?   Is it Ethical?   Is it Legal?

Equity and Responsibility
A Railroad worker raises a point.

A Different Drummer
The beginings of NoMoreTiers.

these US government

"They'll make up just about
anything ... to get their way."

Democracy, Discrimination and Bigotry
NoMoreTiers.org examines the relationship between these three, and the two-tier phenomena.

Is Pay Equity a Human Right?
Let's ask the UN and Canada.

Why MOLSON likes the non-benefit/benefit system.
Its called, divide and conquer.

Vancouver MOLSON/local 300 Contract

The two tier wage system, a civil rights issue.
Is MOLSON an equal opportunity employer?

Short people.
More on two-tier wage discrimination.

It starts at the beginning.
The significance of the probationary period.

Beware of Trojan Horses.
How the company 'bought' the contract.

Ten Reasons.
Ten reasons a two-tier wage system is morally wrong and discriminatory.

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