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Molson Sinks to New Depths of Two-tierism

Who's Who and Why

On 13th May 2006 the employees at Molson Vancouver ratified a six-year contract that further entrenched and solidified two-tier discrimination and further increasing the divide between "benefit" and "non-benefit" employees. While current benefited workers will enjoy very modest pay increases ranging from 75cents to $1.25 per hour per year over a 6 year period, future hires will face the disadvantage of a drop in pay of about $5.89 making a difference of about $14.25 between workers doing exactly the same work.

Of course Molson can hardly be blamed for wanting to bleed as much as possible out of its workers while investing as little as possible towards their wages and benefits, after all this is the very thrust and philosophical basis of today’s system of corrupt modern capitalism. A system that promotes and elevates selfishness and greedy avarice as a holy virtue that functions as a dynamo providing the driving force of progress towards a world of stark contrast, where the privileged few own and control everything and the hoards of slaves own and control little more than the shirts on their back. Thus eventually bringing to actuality the phrase "All for ourselves [the elite], and nothing for other people" that the economist and philosopher Adam Smith described as "the vile maxim" of the masters of mankind.

It was of course these same selfish attitudes, embodied in nationalism and fascism that brought on the last Great War. Six months from now we will be remembering fallen comrades at ceremonies held throughout both this country and the world. Of course we cannot know all the individual reasons why these men fought. Some felt that they were fighting for king and country, others for freedom and democracy and perhaps most fought because they had to. But we can know and honour what these men collectively achieved. A few short years after that great conflagration, apparently appalled at their own destructive achievements, the nations of the world gathered together to codify what they believed to be the fundamental inalienable rights of man.

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On December 10, 1948 the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It was deemed an historic act destined to consolidate world peace through the liberation of individuals from unjustified oppression.

The member countries were vested with the responsibility of implementing this important international law by integrating it into domestic legislation. But it would seem that in Canada the machinery of human rights rapidly rusted to a screaming halt especially with regard to the implementation of human rights in the workplace. The result is that though the Universal Declaration of Human rights is supposed to apply to every human on the planet, government foot dragging has permitted Molson to claim (incredible though it sounds) that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights does not apply to workers in the Province of British Columbia. Consequently Molson Coors believes that it is under no obligation to comply with UDHR 23(2), which asserts, "Everyone, without any discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal work".

But why would our elected representatives be so willing to ignore the interests of the electorate, the vast majority of which belong to the working class? Perhaps the key to understanding this lies in the fact that over and over again we allow ourselves as workers to be conned into electing bosses to represent our interests. All but a tiny handful of Canadian MPs are businessmen, entrepreneurs, directors, lawyers, managers or PR men for businesses. Don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself! There is no way on God's earth that these people can represent your interests. They could not represent your interests even if they wanted to, because they do not know what your interests are and would not understand them if you told them.

Many, are those working class heroes who fought and died for our rights to democracy, freedom and equality. Perhaps the most effective way that we can honour them is to demand implementation of the human rights they fought so bravely for.

In Solidarity,
John Barker

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May 2006