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Beware of Trojan Horses.

"More pernicious than the power of a dictator is that of a class; the most terrible--the tyranny of a majority".
--Emma Goldman.
Trojan Horse

Remember that package for temps, just a short time before negotiations got serious?

Lay offs were being projected as a result of new can line technology. Of course the company had no obligation to the temps who weren't entitled to beans.

But then amazingly the company suddenly got a 'big heart'; it gets all humanitarian and altruistic. It offers the temps a kind of separation package. WOW! Real money just when you need it 'cause you're getting laid off anyhow. Of course there's one teensy weensy little clause, you have to actually resign to qualify for the deal. And that means that since you're no longer considered to be even a seasonal employee, you don't get to vote on the contract.

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About twenty-five temps took the money and ran!
The Trojan Horse Contract trundled through the gates with just a few votes to spare.

So in effect the company corrupted the democratic process by literally buying off many of those union members most adversely affected by the two-tier contract and therefore most likely to vote against it.

The current contract, like any other corporate acquisition, was in essence purchased with cash.
Being thus tainted, it is worthy only of scorn and repudiation.

We should be struggling for One Union and One Contract for All, with Equal Pay for Equal Work.
I don't think that that is too much to ask for.

Yours for an ethical brewery,
John Barker

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December 2002