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Gregg Shotwell is a machine operator, a member of UAW local 2151, an activist and writer, whose comments on labor issues can be found in many on-line magazines throughout the web, as well as at his own sites Live Bait and Ammo and In the Crosshairs.

Two Tiers: A Symptom of Social Decadence.

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The two tier wage scheme is a blatant act of discrimination against an entire class of people, namely, the next generation.

Discrimination against young people is not a viable economic solution, it's a symptom of social decadence; intellectually unsound and ethically malignant.

A society that degrades workers is self destructive, not competitive. If sacrifices are necessary, they should be shared equally by all classes and all generations. Unequal treatment isn't an astute business plan; it's shortsighted, unprofessional, and catastrophically perverse.

Two tier wage agreements negotiated by the UAW makes the union partners in the business of exploiting workers. Degrading new union members to protect older members from any sacrifice is fundamentally anti union. Equal pay for equal work is not an abstract hypothetical concept; it's the foundation of solidarity. The UAW's participation in this wage discrimination is morally repugnant to any genuine unionist. Two tier contracts aren't temporary concessions; they are prepaid funeral arrangements for the labor movement.

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The parrots of the status quo insist there is no alternative to an economic system that degrades workers, deprives the unfortunate of health care, threatens the security of the elderly, and desecrates the environment. It's a lie. For the strong there is always an alternative.

Balanced trade makes sense. Full employment is a workable reality. A living wage is simple justice. Self sufficiency in energy, agriculture, and manufacturing is National Security.

The Federal Reserve Board's policy of maintaining an army of unemployed workers to curb inflation by holding down wages is impractical and cruel. We don't need to persecute the poor to secure the fortunate, anymore than we need to spread disease to find a cure.

Why heed the convoluted gibberish of Alan Greenspan or the high salaried hacks in the health insurance rackets? They defy common sense.

Social Security isn't broke, it's pilfered. Health care in America is a circus of reverse risks. The audience walks tightropes while clowns roll up the nets. Medicare for all isn't unattainable; it's the norm in every modern nation except the US. Declaring our economy sound while 45 million citizens lack health insurance, eight million are unemployed, and the mentally ill are prescribed homelessness for a treatment plan isn't hubris, its nonsense.

A nation's prosperity depends on a system of just rewards, not the degradation of the working class.

Gregg Shotwell
Dec. 2004


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